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Original Soft Caramels

                                 Full pound  (approx. 48 caramels)             12.00  

                                                     Half pound (approx. 24 caramels)               6.00  




Hand Made Turtles



Made with original hand made caramel, pecans and chocolate.




                                                            Box of 4 turtles                                  5.00                                                                

                                                            Half Dozen  (approx 1/2 pound)     7.00          


Turtle Babies

A single pecan dipped in creamy caramel and chocolate.                     


                                                                 1/8 pound snack size                  3.00

                                                                 Quarter pound    (approx 24)     5.00

                                                                 Full pound gift jar                        20.00



Turtle Pretzel Bites

bite-size pretzel coated in caramel, topped with pecan bits, dipped in chocolate. 





Christmas Gift Tin                     20.00


Filled with  an assortment of full sized turtles, turtle babies, original caramels and turtle pretzel bites. (Weighs approximately 1 pound, tin design may vary.)

Pretzel Bites